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Introduction to the Secretariat



        The Secretariat was set up to provide heads of the University with staff members who follow the instruction of the President; they are in charge of coordination, communication, negotiations and supervision of different offices and units in the University. The Secretariat also organizes university-level meetings and reviews external official correspondences. At the same time, the Secretariat works with the Public Relations Office to enhance external communication, promote the university and enhance relations with the neighboring community. Following the University’s motto of “Revere the Divine. Love the Human”, the staff members of the Secretariat make efforts to create a warm and peaceful campus, and act as the bridge among all faculty members, staff members and students. Our services focus on “efficiency and effectiveness”, hoping to encourage academic and administrative offices and units of the University to work together and form a vibrant team to manage an outstanding international Catholic university of languages.





I. Organization

The Secretariat is managed by the Chief Secretary whose main task is to facilitate communication and coordination among the University President, Vice Presidents and various offices, departments and units.

The Chief Secretary is also in charge of all affairs of the Secretariat, including the University Archives, first and second divisions of the Secretariat, with the support from the director of the University Archives, two division chiefs and two division staff members.


II. Core Responsibilities

一、First Division:

The first division is in charge of general affairs, such as the organization of university-level meetings, maintenance of the meeting management system, checking and verifying of outbound official documents, review and maintenance of data for the university network, coordination for complaint cases from inside and outside the campus, receiving of campus gender equality incidents, determination of delegations, compiling of data and statistics for college and university regular surveys. The division also supports the University in coordinating works related to visits of the evaluation team.


二、 Second Division:

The second division is in charge of internal affairs, including protection of personal information in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act, coordination and communication between the University and various education associations, organization of various celebratory activities and management of affairs related to the Association of Development for Catholic Educational Institutions.


三、 University Archives:

The primary task of the University Archives is to collect, assess, preserve and keep in archive all artifacts, files and materials produced during the development process of the University and/or resulting from the University’s policies. Secondly, the Archives is also responsible for the arrangement and editing of the aforementioned materials for publication, exhibitions or activities, so that the teachers and students can use these materials in teaching or to conduct research. Thirdly, as the University belongs to the family of Ursuline schools and colleges, the Archives also works to fulfill its mission to pass on the education spirit and philosophy of Saint Ursula by preparing various courses on the University history and the educational philosophy of the University, by creating digital teaching materials and by conducting studies on Ursuline education.